Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spruce Knob, WV - Highpoint #5

Name: Spruce Knob, WV
Height: 4,863'
Date: 5/22/09, and again on 5/23/09

I can't seem to get from point A to point B without hitting points Q, L, and V along the way. And thus while driving from Backbone Mt. to my campsite near Spruce Knob, I took a detour to see Blackwater Falls.

And then I took a further detour to see the petting zoo at Blackwater falls. It was fowl.

Once again I got on the road. I came down Route 33 in WV, and it turns out that the road from 33 to Spruce Lake Campground took me right over Spruce Knob, a switchbacking road that meandered its way up the mountain. It was getting late, and my options were get to camp, or stop at the highpoint and have to set up camp and cook dinner in the dark.

The allure of the highpoint was too strong.

You can hike up from the base of the mountain, or you can drive up like I did. From the highpoint parking lot the highpoint tower is a very, very short walk away. There is at least one trail that seems to take you along the summit...I think I'll come back one day and hike it.

The Spruce Knob HP Tower in the evening.

View from the top. You can see some rainstorms in the distance.

It was chilly at the top (duh) and there were a surprising number of people here, even as late as it was.

Anyway, we drove down the mountain to camp. I should mention at this point it was completely dark, and the road down the other half of the mountain was not paved and quite full of potholes. I'm pretty sure that I drove through them all.

We stopped back at Spruce Knob the next day, during the day. There is a little trail just beneath the tower that actually offers better views than from the tower, so if you go, you should take the time and walk this little beauty.

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