Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mt. Davis, PA - Highpoint #3

Name: Mt. Davis, PA
Height: 3,213'
Date: 5/23/09

This was the first highpoint on my highpointing trip over Memorial Day weekend 2009. The plan was to hit PA, MD, and WV over the whole weekend, but I ended up doing them all in the same day...I guess I just couldn't help myself.

Anyway, it was a qu
ick 4 hour drive out to the Mount Davis Picnic Area, which was small but well maintained. There is a paved road you can walk to get to the highpoint tower, but I opted to take the High Point Trail and walk a bit through the woods since it was a beautiful sunny day.

30 minutes into what should have been a 15 minute hike, I realized I was lost. (Yes, I got lost in the Mount Davis Picnic Area. I may be further from taking on Denali than I thought.) So I backtracked, and upon closer inspection discovered that the trail sign was wrong, and some kind soul had cleaned off some sign dirt to point in the correct direction.

Going in the right direction I was at the highpoint in no time. The actual hig
hpoint is atop a boulder, which of course I climbed up, and so did the slinky.

There is an observation tower at the highpoint which offered some great views, and also a little map built into the top (Slinky is sitting on Mt. Davis).

The Mt. Davis tower. You can see the gold USGS disk marking
the actual highpoint in the foreground.

You just can't take me anywhere.

Views from the top (looking North, East, South, and West):

There was a metal (bronze maybe?) map of the local area at the top of the tower, along with some fun facts (highpoint is fun and educational!).

View from the top looking down on the highpoint marker.

After this, it was off to Backbone Mountain, WV...

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