Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reno Reseroir, D.C. - Highpoint #6 (sort of)

Name: Reno Reservoir, Washington D.C.
Height: 415'
Date: 6/27/2009

There seems to be quite a big controversy over the validity of this highpoint. Clearly it doesn't count on a scale of 50 highpoints, but it does on a scale of 51. Yet even that apparently is up to some debate. Because why stop at 51? There are a handful of US territories which have highest points, so why aren't they required? Anyway, my friend Micha lives in D.C., and a visit to the Reno Reservoir was all of 20 minutes away.

Sadly, this was the best picture of me from this trip.

Really, it wasn't all that exciting. The highpoint itself is on a small hill overshadowed by the actual reservoir, which was quite a bit more interesting. The park is used for the occasional softball game and free concert. The hill was actually once Fort Reno, since it was really the highest point around and of at least marginal military value. One day I may look up some history on it. Probably I won't.

The highpoint hill was covered over with clover, and finding the marker took longer than it did to climb the "peak".

See that thing in the middle of the picture? Not the highpoint. But like an idiot I wandered around it for a few minutes anyway.

See that barely noticeable bump in the middle of this picture? That's the highpoint.

Since the actual highpoint didn't provide the sprawling vistas or adventure I was hoping for, I continued exploring. The only thing around was the reservoir, which actually did have some pretty neat acrhitecture.

And of course, it wouldn't be a highpoint adventure if I didn't find some misleading signs to ignore:

And where did these awesome signs lead to? A stockpile of salt, which I totally wanted to climb but Micha talked me out of it.


  1. Yeah, doesn't look as exciting as some of the other places you have visited!

  2. A very typical pose (for your tongue) with the high-point marker. When you get to those snowy high-points, you need to lick it and see if it sticks.